ITAG Group

The ITAG Group is an internationally well-known company which provides various services for the petroleum and gas industry and geothermal energy providers.

Founded in 1912 by the German petroleum pioneer Hermann von Rautenkranz, ITAG is one of the most experienced drilling contractors in Europe and a global oilfield equipment manufacturer with a state-of-the-art product range.

The core business of ITAG Valves & Oilfield Products is design and development, manufacturing, and sales of Ball Valves, Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment, and Kelly Valves. Distribute our products to the global market with the main focus on Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and North Africa.

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Genesis Petroleum Technologies

Genesis Petroleum Technologies has been a pioneer in  reported drilling data analytics (IADC & DDR), born out of Australia’s leading research organisation the CSIRO. Today Genesis recognised as a global provider of award-winning specialised software and services in drilling for Oil & Gas.

Genesis provides the tools needed to improve decision making processes through the optimum utilisation and improved analysis of the well plan and daily drilling report data. The services are flexible and geared to provide solutions that match client's requirements

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ML One is a modern high-tech company with a team of highly skilled professionals that offer a cost effective Multilateral solution with focused approach to each project

ML-One Target is to Improved oil recovery factor by providing multilateral completion systems that can be used in any types of reservoirs, in open bore and cased bore sections, vertical, directional and horizontal wells, with flexibility of upgrading to meet customer requirements in shortest possible time and lower capital expenditures.

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