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About Us

WELL GATE petroleum services limited is an Egyptian registered company established to provide petroleum services and represent international companies in the Egyptian market. The increase of the Oil & Gas sector activity in Egypt mainly and the Middle East region in general, has brought around many opportunities for international companies to invest and operate in the countries.

WELL GATE is established to support such increased market demand and to help the oil and gas industry growth in Egypt and the Middle East Region.

WELL GATE focuses on the upstream sector projects of oil and gas and downstream supplies. The company provides quality representation for international principals in Egypt and the Middle East region to offer a wide range of onshore and offshore services for our customers, with a primary target of maximizing the well delivery life cycle efficiency throughout various unique solutions.

WELL GATE can play a crucial role in supporting the business growth of international principles in the targeted markets by providing all necessary support services such as market intelligence, business development, administration, engineering, procurement, accounting, logistics, materials handling, etc. 

WELL GATE is offering to cover all aspects of principal representation, starting with registering the international company on the approved vendor list, providing full assistance in the technical studies, consulting, research, issuance of bids, monitoring of all project phases, follow up with clients, maintaining constant communication and ensuring the successful completion of the principle’s business transactions.

WELL GATE takes into consideration all factors that may impact the progress of specific projects such as adapting and adjusting to challenges with ease and drawing on its experience to bring maximum benefit to each project.


Below here is the exact License WELL GATE Petroleum Services, LLC has under its commercial registration:

Providing petroleum services to support the drilling and exploration operations including:

- Provide maintenance and stimulation service of oil wells

- Provide maintenance of drilling equipment and petroleum pumps

- Drill water wells and deep wells necessary for petroleum purposes

- Provide civil projects complementary to excavation and maintenance work

- Provide surface treatment of sediment solutions

- Provide services related to running casing pipe and production tubes

- Provide services related to petroleum exploration

- Provide digital transformation solutions related to drilling and production operations

- Design and export related program to aggregate, transfer, monitor and analyse drilling and production data

- Provide data aggregation and transmission equipment related to empowering the digital oil field solutions

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